About Us

Squash Banana Productions is a proudly South African production company and content platform.

SBP works in two ways.

The first is we, as a connected free-lance network, offer high quality content creation mainly specialising in podcasting, voice-overs and videography. We are by no means trying to take over your marketing sphere but we believe that the products we produce will go a long way in enhancing your marketing strategies. We want to be by your side in marketing your company - from sitting down with specific departments, discussing, writing and meeting all the way to the final product, we will be with you every step of the way.

The second is that we, as a proudly South African company, want to create a platform where South African people can share their stories, their ideas, their culture, with the world. We believe we as South Africans have the most incredible stories and connections too all that we are - Squash Banana Productions wants to show the world what we are truly made of!